18 July 2010

AX Report Part 1: Cosplay!

Sorry I'm so late with this! I've been working really hard since I got back from LA (after I took a mini vacation of course!) I'm finally back with reports of all the cool Pokémon adventures I had at Anime Expo 2010. I met a lot of really cool people, picked up some great new merchandise, gave out a ton of flyers and MUDKIPS stamps, connected with a ton of PokéWalkers, and even got to download a shiny Mudkip and Magikarp from one of the vendor booths (more on that later!) I figured I'd start with the best part: the cosplay!

I was really impressed with some of the costumes I saw! Unfortunately I didn't get as many photos as I would have liked, because I was working the entire time. T_T Anyway, click the cut to see the rest of the photos.

11 July 2010

Porygon VS Meowth: FIGHT!

I'm back from AX and things are finally settling down again. Oh how I have missed the PokéCenter! I have lots and lots of AX stuff to update about, but first, an epic Pokémon battle!

(My friends were having a "The Letter P" themed birthday party, so I went as a Porygon, and Rain went as a Pokémon trainer. I actually won a prize for one of the best "P" costumes. xD btw, sorry my kitchen is such a mess; I'm the only one here who cleans it, and I was gone for a week. :/)

Biker Rain wants to fight!

The foe's MEOWTH used Fury Swipes!

PORYGON used Tri-Attack!

Critical hit! The foe's MEOWTH fainted! PORYGON wins! PORYGON gained 375 exp and a cookie.
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