27 June 2010

Who eats...what?

I'm working on a big new feature here at the Lavender Town PokéCenter, so please bear with me while most of the other regular updates get neglected. :p Until then, please enjoy this Pokémon Pinball screenshot of Gengar getting pwned in the face.

While you're here, check out this guide to unlocking secret wallpapers for your Pokémon boxes in DPP and HGSS.

19 June 2010

New Pokémon & Ochazuke Contest Winner!

We have a winner of the Pokémon Ochazuke contest! Congrats to Ruth from Pennsylvania!

In other news, lots of new Black & White Pokémon have been released! Am I the only one who sees the close similarity between Chiramii and the Neopets petpet Faellie?

Not like it actually matters or anything. It's just a stupid fluffy mouse.

12 June 2010

Big News!

Yes, that's right, I finally completed my National Pokédex! Sort of. I have every single Pokémon except for Manaphy, Arceus, and Celebi. But the game doesn't count event-only Pokémon for the actual achievement. (They still show up in the Pokédex, but it's considered "complete" when you have all of the non-event ones.)

And it only took me 12 years! I feel pretty good with that extra gold star on my Trainer Case, but I won't feel like it's _really_ complete until I get those last three. Of course, Black and White comes out in a few months, rendering all of my efforts completely pointless. Oh well.

Yay. Now where's my sack of pirate gold?

09 June 2010

Victory Magikarp!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately! I've been pretty swamped at work preparing for Anime Expo! It's gonna be great fun though, so I hope to see some of you there! Rest assured I have some great things in store for Lavender Town that will be up very soon. :)

In the meantime, check out what happened while I was hunting for Pokémon on my Pokéwalker.


06 June 2010

Koffing's Great Adventure


Went to the local dive bar with my boyfriend last night, and I asked him to babysit Toxxik, my Koffing who was on my Pokéwalker. We were standing outside, and he went to check the number of steps and accidentally dropped it.

It hit the ground on its side and started rolling down the sidewalk, off the curb and into a puddle of water! Of course I was chasing after it as soon as I realized that the black object spinning across the cement was MY POKéMON, and was able to grab it the second it hit the water.

I shook it off and dried it on my shirt, then pressed the button, praying it still worked. Well, it not only still works fine, but Toxxik had a big heart bubble and found 50 Watts! Apparently he enjoyed his little adventure—or maybe it was an escape attempt and he was just trying to throw me off the track. "Umm, I love you Ariel! Here's 50 watts! ^_^;"

05 June 2010

Link of the Week: Black and White updates

I'm sure most of you have already seen this, but for posterity's sake, here are all the Pokémon from Black & White that have been released to the public.

My verdict? The legendaries are *awesome*, and I honestly think that Tsutaja is one of the coolest grass starters they've ever released. Either way, how can you hate that adorable baby otter?

As for Zorua and Zoroark, I'm kinda lukewarm. Zorua is really cute, but Zoroack's incredibly thin upper arms bother me. Unlike most members of the creature anime fan sector, I am *not* obsessed with foxes, so meh.

04 June 2010

Pokédex Update

After spending the greater part of 2 days fishing for a Relicanth that was holding a DeepSeaScale, I am now only 7 Pokémon away from a complete National Pokédex! The only Pokémon I'm missing are...
  • Huntail
  • Gorebyss
  • Salamence
  • Walrein
  • Celebi
  • Manaphy
  • Arceus
Now that I have both DeepSeaTooth and DeepSeaScale, Huntail and Gorebyss will be obtained as soon as I initiate a trading session with my boyfriend (I already have two Clamperls), and Shelgon and Sealeo are only 6-7 levels away from evolution. The only Pokémon I won't be able to easily get are Celebi, Manaphy and Arceus. I traded for a Phione while ago, but we all know they never evolve. :/ Anyone up for some trades? I have almost all the other Pokémon (or can breed them), and I'm totally willing to do trade/trade back just to get those last three in my 'dex.

01 June 2010

Top 5 Tuesday: Abilities!

Abilities are great. They added some really dynamic stuff to the game and made you rethink all your earlier strategies. (I'm sure I'm not the only one who encountered a Chinchou and stood aghast as my Thunderbolt was immediately thwarted.) You can exploit them to great gains in double battles: try pairing up a Gyarados who knows Surf (or another all-field water move) with a Quagsire with Water Absorb. Quagsire's Earthquake won't hit the Flying-type Gyarados, and Gyarados can Surf to its heart's content, healing Quagsire in the process. You could also pair up a Rotom with Quagsire; Rotom will levitate above any ground moves, and Quagsire will be immune to any all-field electric attacks like Discharge. (Did I mention I love Quagsire?)

Here's a list of the top 5 best Pokémon abilities. I don't want to get into any stupid arguments about how your Vileplume is going to kick my ass with its suck-tastic Chlorophyll, so let's just call these my top 5 favorite abilities.

#5. Mold Breaker
Mold Breaker disables any opponent's ability that hinders the user's attacks. Which is a lot of them. Unfortunately the only three Pokémon that can have this ability are not all that useful otherwise, so this is only a great ability in theory.

#4. Liquid Ooze
Instead of describing it, I will use this short comic to portray why Liquid Ooze is awesome.

#3. Shadow Tag
I would say “as well as Arena Trap”, but Arena Trap doesn't work if the opponent is Flying-type or has Levitate (so forget trying to use Dugtrio against Cresselia, Latios and Latias!) Shadow Tag is the perfect thing to use against fleeing Pokémon, who are normally so infuriating that 9 times out of 10 I just waste my Master Ball on them*. As if we needed another reason to love Wobuffet!

*Guilty of that in Soul Silver with Entei. I had seriously thrown like 200 Ultra Balls at him already!

#2. Trace
The best way to use a Pokémon with Trace is to put it up against an opponent whose own ability prevents or reverses hits of their own type (a Ninetales with Flash Fire, or a Loudred with Soundproof, etc). Use Gardevoir against a Wooper with Water Absorb, sit back and enjoy the shower.

#1. Pick Up
Step 1. Catch 5 Zigzagoons.
Step 2. Put them in your party with one strong Pokémon.
Step 3. Profit!

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