06 June 2010

Koffing's Great Adventure


Went to the local dive bar with my boyfriend last night, and I asked him to babysit Toxxik, my Koffing who was on my Pokéwalker. We were standing outside, and he went to check the number of steps and accidentally dropped it.

It hit the ground on its side and started rolling down the sidewalk, off the curb and into a puddle of water! Of course I was chasing after it as soon as I realized that the black object spinning across the cement was MY POKéMON, and was able to grab it the second it hit the water.

I shook it off and dried it on my shirt, then pressed the button, praying it still worked. Well, it not only still works fine, but Toxxik had a big heart bubble and found 50 Watts! Apparently he enjoyed his little adventure—or maybe it was an escape attempt and he was just trying to throw me off the track. "Umm, I love you Ariel! Here's 50 watts! ^_^;"

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