12 June 2010

Big News!

Yes, that's right, I finally completed my National Pokédex! Sort of. I have every single Pokémon except for Manaphy, Arceus, and Celebi. But the game doesn't count event-only Pokémon for the actual achievement. (They still show up in the Pokédex, but it's considered "complete" when you have all of the non-event ones.)

And it only took me 12 years! I feel pretty good with that extra gold star on my Trainer Case, but I won't feel like it's _really_ complete until I get those last three. Of course, Black and White comes out in a few months, rendering all of my efforts completely pointless. Oh well.

Yay. Now where's my sack of pirate gold?


  1. A Winner is You! I still have 19 to go on my Pearl Pokedex :/

  2. amazing!! i have never done this. XD;


Gotta catch 'em all!

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