09 February 2012

Amazing Tiger & Bunny x Pokémon Fan Art by 結衣

Blue Rose and Lapras used Sing!

One of my recent obsessions that I have been preoccupied with to the point that it rivals all other obsessions in my life is Tiger and Bunny. Tiger and Bunny is a 2011 anime about heroes. Set in a fictional future American city, certain citizens have powers and use them to fight crime on live TV! It's got a great plot and is exciting and well-paced, but what really got me into it were the characters. If you're wondering why I'm talking about this on my Pokémon blog, it's because Pixiv user 結衣 has created amazing pieces of fan art featuring Tiger and Bunny characters with Pokémon!

Many of the Tiger and Bunny heroes use elemental attacks (fire, ice, etc), and 結衣 has paired up each of them with an appropriate Pokémon as well as a matching attack. My translation of the artist's original title is below each image in bold. Click on the images to go to the Pixiv page.

おじさんとレントラーのワイルドボルト! by 結衣 on pixiv

Oji-San and Rentora's Wild Bolt!
Kotetsu T. Kaburagi / Wild Tiger x Luxray

バニーとバシャーモのブレイズキック! by 結衣 on pixiv

Bunny and Bashamo's Blaze Kick!
Barnaby Brooks Jr / Bunny x Blaziken

キースとコバルオンのせいぎのこころ! by 結衣 on pixiv

Keith and Cobalion's Heart of Justice!
Keith Goodman / Sky High x Cobalion

ネイサンとファイヤーのオーバーヒート! by 結衣 on pixiv

Nathan and Fire's Overheat!
Nathan Seymour / Fire Emblem x Moltres

ローズとラプラスのうたう! by 結衣 on pixiv

Rose and Lapras's Sing!
Karina Lyle / Blue Rose x Lapras (aahhh this one is my favorite)

バイソンとトランセルのかたくなる! by 結衣 on pixiv

Bison and Toranseru's Harden!
Antonio Lopez / Rock Bison x Metapod (I guess because he has a lot of armor but can't really do anything?)

イワンとテッカニンがかげぶんしんで見切れたああ by 結衣 on pixiv

Ivan and Tekkanin's Double Team has been Detected
Ivan Karelin / Origami Cyclone x Ninjask

パオリンとデンリュウのかみなりパンチ! by 結衣 on pixiv

Pao-Lin and Denryuu's Thunder Punch!
Huang Pao-Lin / Dragon Kid x Ampharos

斉藤さんとゴニョニョの… by 結衣 on pixiv

Saito-San and Gonyonyo's ...
Saito-San x Whismur

Definitely check out the rest of the artist's work! (Just remember that Pixiv has a looooooot of nswf stuff.)

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