30 April 2010

Pokémon Pinball RS = Love

While we're on the subject of pinball, I just got a copy of Pokémon Pinball Ruby & Sapphire and I'm already super hooked! I've even caught most of the legendaries already (all except Rayquaza and Registeel, who is probably off sulking because I made fun of him the other day.) My favorite aspects so far:
  • Latios & Latias ball savers, and the Spoink ball launcher!
  • Pichu crawling up to save your ball when you get the permanent Pikachu bounce-backs, and then sadly wandering away when you lose it
  • Totodile climbing down a rope from offscreen to place an egg in the nest
  • Spoink hatching from the egg and hobbling awkwardly around the screen
  • the Spheal bonus stage where you have to use your ball to push Spheals up a slide because they are too fat to climb it by themselves.


  • ...and all-around stellar graphics that are a *huge* step up from the actual RS games
The best part is, there are plenty of used copies on eBay and amazon for around 5 bucks, so you have no excuse to not play!

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