26 April 2010

Top 5 Tuesday! Bizarre Gen3 Pokémon that should not have achieved sentience but somehow did

Gen3 gave us some weird Pokémon. Gulpin. Nuzleaf. Pelipper. But at least with those ones, we could believe (with relative ease) that such a thing could be up and wandering around. Unlike these guys. I mean, sure, we should be used to Pokémon that are made out of rocks, or clumps of dirt, or...clouds. But these are kind of a stretch.

Yeah, you're not fooling anyone.
#5. Nosepass
According to the original PokéDex entry for Nosepass, it actually barely moves at all, so it may not qualify as "sentient", but it still has a face, and does a little dance when you encounter it, so there. It's probably harmless, but it looks like a mini Moai statue and that's creepy for some reason.

Oh. It's a sun stone. I get it.should have called it LunaT1000
#4. Solrock & Lunatone
Terrifying and soulless, you may remember Solrock and Lunatone as the Pokémon who handed your ass to you in the Mossdeep City Gym. These Pokémon supposedly appeared at the site of fallen meteorites. Well, so did Clefairy, and I don't see them trying to kill me in my sleep.

#3. Banette
A sinister, angry plush toy that skulks around dark alleys hunting for children to...presumably kill and eat. Combined with its nightmarish death-rattle of a cry and you've got all the reason you need to not play Pokémon in the dark.

seriously wtffff
#2. Claydol
Actually kind of awesome if you can get over the fact that it's a living, breathing Haniwa statue that can apparently detach parts of its body at will.

#1. Registeel
All of the Regi-liths, really. Registeel may be pretty awesome and impervious to, well, everything, but it earns some bizarre-points for being a STEEL type with "steel" in its name, but apparently being made of "something harder than any kind of metal". Also for sort of being shaped like a pencil sharpener.


  1. What about Mawile? Just what the hell is that thing supposed to be, anyway? At least with those 6, they have definite origins...

    (Heh, didn't realize Claydol is a Tiki statue!)

  2. Hehe, Mawile is weird but sooo cute! It's like a cute little fairy with a giant metal venus fly trap growing out of its head.

  3. I always thought Luvdisc was pretty ridiculous. If it evolved into something bigger and more epically heartshaped it would be awesome, but it doesnt. :/

  4. Luvdisc is so crappy it deserves its own special entry. I think that and the evolutions of Clamperl are pretty much the worst designs in the whole game.

  5. I'm afraid of Nosepass boogers!


Gotta catch 'em all!

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