26 April 2010

Why can't I ride my Ponyta? :(

Like (I assume) all young girls playing Pokémon, I love Ponytas. Ever since the first game and the first season of the show, I have believed that Ponytas were big enough to ride, and if they loved you (and of course they loved me), their flames would feel cool to the touch and the two of you would gallop all over Kanto having magical adventures.

Images of what is clearly a human girl riding a Ponyta.

Thank you Pokémon SoulSilver for ruining this 10+ year held belief.

It turns out that Ponytas are actually only about 3 feet high, and weigh around 2/3 of your game character. I only realised this when I put Ponyta first in my party, expecting it to tower over me, and maybe even beckon me onto its back, unlocking an awesome Easter Egg where Ponyta and I gallop all over Kanto having magical adventures. Instead I was greeted with a sprite that could fit in my hat.

Now my dreams are dead. I know Rapidash is big enough to ride, but it's not the same. I want to ride a pony. Dammit.

I can't even look at you, I—oh, that is so cute. All is forgiven.


  1. Ponyta?!! Nooooo! :( Curse you Nintendo! I am crushed!
    So... small! But still cute!

  2. I've never really seriously raised a ponyta, but I always assumed it was the size of a...oh hey, a pony! So I'm shocked. Thanks for blowing the lid off the case.


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