15 May 2010

Link of the Week: Pokémon Gijinka Project

Some of you may find this objectionable. Some of you may hate me after this post. Some of you may never have thought that Articuno x Manectric were a slashable pair.

Welcome to the Gijinka PokéDex. Oh, didn't you know? Gijinka means "turning something that isn't human into a human form by some unspecified means." Some of the art is straight up anthro/furry, but some are just humans with subtle characteristics of a Pokémon—these are usually the best ones.

Yes, it's on DeviantArt. Yes, it's mostly terrible. Yes, at least 90% of it is an expression of the artist's desire to do their Pokémon. (Especially now that two new fox-like creatures have been revealed. Yeesh.) But some of it—just some—is really, really fantastic, creative, inspiring, clever, and witty.

Browse around and post links to the best ones! Here's one of my favorites: PKMN No.109 Koffing by Klimene. (See what I mean? Subtle characteristics. Because you just know that sexy, mysterious guy you always see smoking outside sculpture class is really a Koffing.)


  1. Hey now, I resemble that :p

  2. I didn't know you went to my sculpture class! :)

  3. Does that mean you're going to poison gas me while I'm asleep?

  4. I've always liked these! My bf collects them. Usually the best collections are found on 4chan... but with all the little pokemon gems on 4chan comes a lot of questionable material... ten fold! hahahahaha

  5. Haha, yes, I found a site with all kinds of "moe" Pokémon pictures...then made the mistake of clicking on the Tentacruel tag.


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