11 May 2010

Top 5 Tuesday: Pokémon that give you nightmares

Look, we've all had dreams about Pokémon. Usually they are fun, happy dreams, where you get to have real Pokémon battles and snuggle with your Jigglypuff, but sometimes the dreams go a little...bad. Here are the top 5 Pokémon that I have had actual nightmares about.

#5. Pikachu
Moving on...

#4. Exploud
My boyfriend and I were playing doubles in the Battle Tower, and this freak of nature was our final opponent. We won by the slightest margin, but the sight of it really unnerved us (he had never even seen one before.) That night, I had an awkward, sweaty nightmare about facing an Exploud and it just kept screaming...and screaming...and screaming.

it's probably full of bugs.
#3. Cacturne
It's an evil scarecrow that is also a cactus. When my boyfriend first saw a Cacturne he simply said, "I don't like that one." I found out later that he'd had recurring nightmares about a scarecrow as a child, and Cacturne reminded him of that.

As a side note, does anyone else get the feeling that Cacturne kinda doesn't fit in as a Pokémon? If I saw it out of context, I'd assume it was from some other franchise (like...I dunno, Final Fantasy. Or Digimon.)

Not my Bulbasaur!!
#2. Bulbasaur
Technically Bulbasaur wasn't the source of the nightmare, but I had a terrible dream once where it was the Pokémon Holocaust, and the Jews in this case were...that's right, Grass-types. In the dream, the Gestapo were at my door, and I was desperately trying to hide my Bulbasaur. :( It didn't end pleasantly.

#1. Huntail
This actually qualifies as one of the worst dreams I've ever had. It started out beautifully—I got a lovely little white fish as a prize from an ice cream store, and took it home in a jar, admiring it all the way. When I got home, I went to put it in my fish tank, not realising that there was a Huntail in the tank already. It immediately darted for the little white fish, swallowing it. I grabbed the Huntail out of the tank and threw it on the counter to try and save the little white fish, but I was too late. I woke up in tears.

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