18 May 2010

Top 5 Tuesday: Best Pokémon Finds on Etsy

For those of you who haven't heard of it, Etsy is an online community where users create shops to sell handmade (or vintage, but the focus is on handmade) items. Because anyone can open up a shop and sell pretty much anything as long as it bears some markings of being handmade, you have to wade through a looooot of crap before you find something good. So, I've done all the work for you. You can thank me later.

#5. Drifloon Hat
by Irenescrochet

I've always wanted my head to look like a Drifloon was sitting on it! Bonus points for having cotton balls on top of it.

#4. Mudkip Plushie
by abitingwit

So cute, and it's a Mudkip! Your very own Mudkip to cuddle all night long. I love that the seller made sure to note what nature it is.

#3. Pokémon Monopoly Journal
by heavensentcrafts

Considering that Pokémon Monopoly is valued at $90 or so over on amazon.com, cutting it up to make a $15 journal maaaay have not been the best idea, but this is still totally cute, and a unique idea for "upcycling" board games that have lost enough parts to be useless.

(I still have my copy of Pokémon Monopoly somewhere. Pretty sure it's near-mint; I didn't even swallow any of the pieces!)

#2. Needlefelt Flaaffy
by zinkyufox

I'm not sure what needlefelt is exactly, but omg, could this be any sweeter?? It even comes delivered in an egg! I wonder if you have to carry it around for 5,000 steps before you can open it.

#1. Slowbro T-Shirt
by LargeHotCoffee

From the seller's description: "Evolves from Slowpoke after getting its tail caught in discarded six-pack rings that occasionally wash up on shore. It frequently drinks a beverage made from fermented berries that often causes confusion. It can use the 'Madden' ability which raises its attack power sharply."

They have other awesome original Pokémon stuff at their shop, sanshee.com. I want one of the Team Rocket shirts!

Don't be afraid to support independent artists! You never know whose work is going to become explosively popular, and then you can say you own one of their "early" pieces. :p

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