05 May 2010

Top 5 Tuesday: Whoniverse Villains That Could Totally be Pokémon

Here's where I REALLY show my geek hand. Pokémon and Doctor Who are two of my biggest guiltless pleasures, and they have a lot in common: obviously, Poké Balls use Time Lord technology, and I know I'm not the only one who nicknamed their Dialga "Doctor". Here are the top 5 Whoniverse (Doctor Who and Torchwood) villains/monsters that could kick Charizard's ass.

#5. Daleks
Type: Steel/Dark
Ability: Intimidate
Move Set: Metal Sound, Hyper Beam, Imprison, Iron Defense
PokéDex entry: Daleks have only one goal: exterminate everything that is not a Dalek. They have occasionally been domesticated.

#4. Cybermen
Type: Steel/Electric
Species: Upgrade
Ability: Download
Move Set: Flash Cannon, Magnet Bomb, Attack Order, Iron Head
PokéDex entry: Part human but devoid of all emotion due to an inhibitor signal. Disabling this signal may cause regression into humanity.

part hydra, part rotisserie chicken
#3. 456
Type: Poison
Species: Addict
Ability: Stench
Move Set: Leech Life, Supersonic, Gastro Acid, Poison Gas
PokéDex entry: 456 uses soundwaves to communicate with its allies and control its foes. It sprays a sickening acid.

#2. Weeping Angels
Type: Rock/Psychic
Species: Statue
Ability: Rock Head
Move Set: AncientPower, Mind Reader, Protect, Glare
PokéDex entry: The Weeping Angels appear as statues when observed and only come to life when your back is turned. Blinking during encounters is not recommended.

#1. Adipose
Type: Normal
Species: Diet
Ability: Gluttony, Thick Fat
Move Set: Cute Charm, Stockpile, Spit Up, Swallow
PokéDex entry: Adipose is born from the fatty parts of lazy, overweight Earthlings. Its squishy-soft exterior charms foes into letting their guard down.


  1. ok I know technically the Adipose aren't villains but argh so cute

  2. This is quite possibly the best blog post in the history of the internet. (I may be biased given that I also love Pokemon and Dr.Who)

  3. This is bloody brilliant. I LOVE that the Weeping Angels are included. They're my favorite villains ever ever, Whoniverse or otherwise.

    I must share this with all my Who and Pokemon fans!

  4. Hehe, thanks! I actually got the idea after watching the two recent Weeping Angels episodes. ;D


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